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Editable Table

Simple Editable Table

A tiny editable jQuery Bootstrap spreadsheet. Just start typing to edit, or move around with arrow keys or mouse clicks!

Name Cost Profit Fun
Car 100 200 0
Bike 330 240 1
Plane 430 540 3
Yacht 100 200 0
Segway 330 240 1
Editable table with fixed constraint

Mark cell as invalid or reject change during editing (e.g. change one of the item names to blank or try to enter a non-numeric cost).

Name Position Salary Office Extn. E-mail
Tiger Nixon System Architect $320,800 Edinburgh 5421
Garrett Winters Accountant $170,750 Tokyo 8422
Ashton Cox Junior Technical Author $86,000 San Francisco 1562
Cedric Kelly Senior Javascript Developer $433,060 Edinburgh 6224