Most Awaited Bootstrap 4 Admin
Dashboard Template.

A professional and developer-friendly UI framework.

24x7 Support  ●  Free updates forever

Designed and developed for developers.

Flexible Framework

A Bootstrap 4.3.X & Sass based solid core and well-architected framework works for all screens and modern browsers. You can easily be able to develop limitless customized projects.

Code Structure

HTML5 validated clean code is focused - keeping it simple and orderly. Every function, class, module exposes a single-minded attitude to remain entirely undistracted.

Boost Up Speed

A ton of pre-built material that will genuinely improve D2D process ten folds, allowing Front-End Developrers to nerd out on actually building stuff, rather than editing pixel distances.


Powerful yet easy-to-use framework built with Bootstrap 4.3.1

Bootstrap 4.3.1

Pinkman is built with the world's most popular front-end component library with custom css and components.

Preprocessor - Sass

Built with Sass following a completely modular approach. Easy to understand, light weight and extendible.

NPM - Node js

NPM manages project dependencies by compiling open source libraries of reusable code in seconds.

Jquery 3.3.1

Simplified HTML document traversing, event handling, and animating for rapid web development.

Powerful CLI - Grunt

A task automation tool. Compile and do changes with the introduced grunt command line interface.

API Usage

Google maps are built using updated API. Pinkman also supports twitter to show live feeds.

Apps are designed considering UX in mind.

Smooth realtime collaboration of UI Components and advanced functionality to your web applications.


Easy styling with spacing, sizing, backgrounds, shadows and many more utilities.


The Typography, includes global settings, headings, body text, lists, responsive typography and more.


Play around contextual colors, 20+ base colors, 230+ color shades and many gradient color options.


Over 1500 free icons. Each icon pack includes SVG or a webfont to easily add in css and html pages.


A variety of form control styles, layouts, custom components, editor, form pickers, sliders and more.


Add advance interaction controls like search, pagination & selectors, export using exclusive Data table.


Interactive charts, complex charts, realtime data charts, pie & donut charts and more.


Vector and google maps integration for location hierarchies, basic map view, and key mapping features.

Unlimited features

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24x7 Support
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Online Documentation
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Free Updates Lifetime
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Fast Loading Time
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Clean Code
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Responsive Layout
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Ready to use demos
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Lots of widgets
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1000+ UI Components
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Font Icons
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Google Maps
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Twitter Feed Jquery
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Google Web Fonts
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Lightbox Gallery
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Tinymce Editor
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Date Range Picker
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Color Picker
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Multi File Upload
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Chat App
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Calendar App
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Mail App
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Owl Slider
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Menu Options
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Data Table Plugin
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Form Validation
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Authentication Pages
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Error Pages
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What's your refund policy?

A refund or credit on a purchase is not granted unless one of the promises given by the author in section 21 has been breached, or a refund is required under the Market Refund Rules.

What does support include?

Our support mainly covers pre-sale questions, basic front-end development questions, bug reports and help with included 3rd party assets through our support

What's not covered by support?

Individual customization requests are not supported, but we tend to advise and show direction on such requests. Also server side implementation and backend integration issues are not covered since Pinkman is an HTML template with front-end support.

Custom Jobs

You are only eligible for requesting custom jobs if you have a purchase key and can only be take up after mutual agreement on the costing, based on the work involved and the availability of our team members.

A React / Angular version in future days?

We are currently not planning to release a react or an angular version. But collaborators are always welcome.

Will you provide RTL Support?

Yes. We are currently working on RTL and will be provided in the next update.