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Evie Ono
  • user

    Cool, lets talk about it tomorrow

    10:55 AM

    Images for new marketing pages have been sent

    10:56 AM
  • user

    Hey Ben, just a reminder that you are coming for the meeting today in the conference. We are proposing a change in the client briefing.

    2:35 PM
  • Sure, on my way to office. Please give me quick update.

    11:45 AM
  • today
  • user

    Me: Can you please grow?
    Hair: Nah..!
    Muscle: Nope..!!
    Salary: Don't even dream..!!!
    Stomach: Anything for you dear..

    7:24 PM
  • Haha, this joke is hilarious. Is it what your heart feel about the salary?

    7:57 PM

    Anyways, I am working on something that you would like to know. This project is based on angular js and you are the keeda in it. I need you help in it.

    7:59 PM